2 Step Triage (Condition Triage)


Course overview

Overcrowding is common in emergency departments (ED), a single case of COVID-19 coming in undetected can result in mass catastrophe. This will not only affect the care of routine (Non-COVID-19) patients since they are at high risk of contracting the disease but also lead to wider dissemination of the virus. 


The current ED triage system is unable to segregate these kinds of contagious emerging infections of pandemic level. With the expected increase in the number of cases, we suggest a Two-step Triage system of appropriate pre-triage and triage of the suspected cases and training our healthcare workers (HCW) about the proper use and disposal of personal protective equipment (PPE).


Target Audience (Who should take this course)

ü Doctors

ü Nurses

ü Emergency healthcare personnel

Mode of the Course: Online (100%), Flexible, Self-paced course

Approximate hours of studies:

Language: English (Basic)

On completion of the course will provide a Certificate of completion

Desired skills for the participants: Pre-existing knowledge about Triage


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